Start Your Collection

Unsure about where to start? We don’t blame you.  There are so many beautiful, valuable books out there.  How does one choose?  Well, we’ve put together a few tips to get you started.  If you’d like some suggestions or have specific questions, just ask!

  • Build a collection of important authors in your literary genre or historical interest.
  • Build a collection oriented around aesthetics as you prioritize beautiful decorative bindings or massive leather/vellum bound folios.
  • Build a collection highlighting significant authors and works across multiple genres.
  • Build a chronologically oriented collection as you use your display to create a visual timeline of historical development.
  • Be creative. Buy what you love, value, and find beautiful. You won’t be disappointed.

Things you should know about us.

  • We are extremely particular about the books we purchase. Our purchasing philosophy is to acquire ONLY beautiful, important, and rare works. You can purchase with the confidence that your rare book is entirely authentic and a great investment.
  • We exhaustively research our offerings and provide accurate descriptions that inform and delight all who should experience your collection.
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on all purchases within 7 days of receiving.


We are passionate about rare books and we consider it a great honor and privilege to assist you in building your collection! – Schilb Antiquarian Family